Philosophy of AGTS

Original Logo for Art Goes to School

Art Goes to School believes that art is an integral part of life and can reflect and guide life itself. Art can be considered one of the most interdisciplinary studies available to the academic world. By studying the art of a past or present culture, one is able to better understand and appreciate society at that time. Members of Art Goes to School are friendly visitors to the schools who wish to bring art appreciation and art history to elementary students. The cumulative effect of our visits from year to year are evidenced in the positive reaction we receive each year when we return to the schools. During our visits we encourage students to perceive and respond to various forms and aspects of art in an enjoyable manner. We believe that art is a way to reach all types of students, including the mentally and physically challenged students. By helping the child to see art as a valuable human experience and guiding them to see art as a means of reshaping his/her individual experience, we make a profound and lasting impression in just a short amount of time spent in each classroom